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At Grace United Methodist Church We are striving to be a progressive church family, growing in worship and discipleship, for release into ministry and evangelism, and becoming more like Jesus Christ as we develop intimacy with God and each other.


Thank you for taking time to visit this website. We hope that you take the next step and visit with us during service on Sunday. Or perhaps you will join us for one of the bible studies during the week.

Just so we are clear, we are all about Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus was who he said he was, the Son of God who came and died for our sins. We welcome all to this Church, as we are not perfect we welcome imperfect people. We hope that we are able to shower you with as much love, as imperfect people can. So we hope that you will drop by one Sunday morning to spend it with us.

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Our Service last 80 to 90 minutes

Service starts with the call to worship, this is where we collectively affirm the importance of God and of people coming together for a common good then we sing a song as a congregation.
Then we pray asking God to use us to make a better world.
We collectively acknowledge that we are not perfect and pause for a moment of silence to reflect on the mistakes we have made. We end this segment affirming that even though we are not perfect we are loved and pardoned by God.
Next we sing three praise songs led by our praise choir.
The Children are then invited to hear and/or participate in a simplified message similar in tone to what the theme of the Pastor’s message.

We then welcome and recognize visitors.

We then have a opportunity for persons to share joys, concerns, testimonies and community prayer.
Then there is a celebration of giving and free will offering to support the needs of the church and the programs we have to help people.
Scriptures from the Old and New Testimonies are read.
The Praise choir sings a song of Preparation.
The Pastor delivers a bible lesson to teach and encourage.
Services end in a circle of Thanksgiving.

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722 30th Ave. S., Seattle, WA

Grace United Methodist Church