Psalm 95:1-6
John 4:27-42

You are probably familiar with the story of the woman at the well. She was despised by many people because she was a sinner; and a Samaritan woman. But Jesus blessed her and her life was changed forever. Our sermon on Sunday is, “the rest of the story.”  After this amazing encounter, she returned to her town a different person. She spoke as a bold witness and opened the way for people to come to know Jesus. This is perhaps the first account of spreading the Word of Jesus to the world, literally the beginning of international ministry.  In our world, we can go see people in other nations and spread the good news. But people from other nations are also coming here and again, we can spread the good news. Do I dare say, “evangelism” or “five year plan for Grace UMC?”  YES!  How can you and I touch people with The message?  This is something I am going to call, “the two-step.”

(No dancing required:)